Workforce Agencies

Burning Glass technology powers state labor exchanges, helping millions of people navigate the job market.

Paths for Success

Countless job seekers struggle to find strong employment options. Many struggle with long-term unemployment, outdated skills, or just a lack of information about available opportunities. Burning Glass solutions are used by government workforce systems to support these job seekers, to address emerging skills gaps, and target training resources where they can do the most good.

Your Central Hub to the Labor Market

Public employment and economic development agencies have a powerful and direct impact in putting people to work when partnering with Burning Glass Technologies. Our real-time labor market data, career outcomes insights, and breakthrough planning tools are used by thousands of employers, jobseekers, and policy makers to enhance local workforce initiatives while matching people to jobs.

We help you make strategic workforce decisions by enabling you to understand local labor market patterns and opportunities, which in turn helps you deliver the right training and employment openings to job seekers looking to find a fit with their career goals and skill set.

Details about Our Solutions

Labor Market Analytics Warehouse

Our leading technology collects, mines and codes millions of job postings from close to 40,000 online sources daily.
We create a standardized, structured database language (i.e., taxonomy) to support quick access analytics from our data warehouse.

Our proprietary taxonomy and unrivaled system processes standardize and curate detailed skills, experience, and credential data that is continually changing and varies by local region.

API protocols to access our database and system processes are also available as a subscription sale with the following use cases: education and workforce, student and job seeker, employer.

Products and Services

Labor Insight taps into local employer demand for specific skills, credentials and roles, supporting workforce development, economic planning, employer engagement, and candidate success.

Job Pulse helps you understand the local job market, company job openings, and specific, hard-to-find required skills by job category.

LENS Search & Match provides unequaled ability to search across thousands of resumes to find the best matches for a particular position or set of job requirements / skills.

LENS XRay accurately parses thousands or resumes a day by using proprietary technology that anticipates variations and standardizes them into a common language.

Our Solutions

Our solutions track local demand for skills and industry credentials, quickly identify and understand local employer activity and needs, recognize new and emerging roles not yet tracked by public or lesser data sources, and assists you when engaging with local employers as a value added service.

As you work with local candidates, we help you uncover the exact skills, certifications, or credentials needed for a pre-selected job set and show possible gaps between the two sides, helping applicants find work more quickly while building the skills they need.

Labor InsightTM

Using labor market data to support workforce development

Job PulseTM

Real-time Jobs data curated to help  answer specific job market questions

LENS Search & MatchTM

The innovative matching engine for  faster, cheaper, more reliable searches


The world’s most streamlined and  intelligent resume parsing solution

Labor Insight ™

Our industry leading analytical product allows workforce and economic development officials to understand and adapt to the labor market in real time. Labor Insight draws on a comprehensive database of real-time demand data on a national, state, and regional level. Using Labor Insight, workforce agencies and their partners can track and analyze employer hiring activity by industry, occupation, education, and skills, and make the most of that information to accurately guide programs.

We have a 21st century economy. Why do we have a 20th century labor market?

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